Karting Career


It all started when I was 3 years old; an electric go-kart with plastic wheels, a few cones in the driveway, and chalk that my dad would use to write my times on the asphalt.  I was hooked – day after day, night after night that little go kart would navigate the cones in my driveway that would become “my home track”.  I’ve had a few karts since then- the karts got bigger and faster and the tracks got more and more technical.  But one thing never changed, my passion for speed.  From my driveway to tracks all over the country, karting has fueled my passion for motorsports and will always be the foundation of my motorsports career.

We’ve been fortunate to have Spike representing Margay Racing, both on and off the track, for ten years and he has consistently been able to promote our product and articulate our message in a professional manner at all times. Spike knows how to exceed expectations and deliver results and we are proud to consider him a leader on our team. We’re confident that Spike has what it takes to make the climb up the racing ladder and we look forward to continuing our association with him for years to come.
— Keith Freber, Owner Margay Racing, WKA Hall of Fame