My name is Spike Kohlbecker. I am 16 years old and I am following my dream. Since I was three years old I’ve been racing anything that has wheels (and a few things that don’t). My Dad used to draw a chalk track in our driveway and I would put on my red Superman cape and jump into my electric go-kart and do laps. Today I don’t wear a cape, but I do race cars. Motorsports is a passion, a way of life for me — I love everything about it — the intensity, the competition, the problem-solving, the friendships, the memories, and of course the thrill of a WIN. 

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Photo: Mark Schwigen

I have been watching Spike for three years, he is going to become the next superstar. He already has the winning principles in his driving portfolio ... he just needs to adjust those principles to more powerful and faster race cars.
— Merle Bettenhausen, American Racing Legend and Supporter of Luke “Spike” Kohlbecker