Margay Racing Partnership

Long-term partnerships – in most any form they’re hard to come by, especially in the world of motorsports.  But as my Dad always told me, “great teams are first made with great partnerships”. In January, 2018 I will be celebrating my 10-year partnership with Margay Racing.  When you’re 15 years old a decade is a loooooong time! Without the support and dedication the Margay Racing team has provided to me I wouldn’t be where I am today.  Through thick and thin our partnership survived –  a real rarity in Motorsports and something I will be forever proud of.  Keith Freber, Greg Dingess, and Sean Kennedy have been there for me when I needed them the most- simply stated, they’re family. When you grow up in the karting world you’re often asked, “when are you moving from karts to cars?”.  My answer – “karting and Margay will always be part of my life”. 

Spike knows how to exceed expectations and deliver results and we are proud to consider him a leader on our team.
— Keith Freber | Margay Racing Owner