Bondurant Racing School


A 650 HP Dodge Viper, Formula Mazda, and a 14-year old don’t usually mix – not unless you like to spend your Spring Break at hyper speed. Thanks to a few of my instructors and mentors, I was able to receive special approval from Bob Bondurant himself to participant in the most comprehensive and grueling high performance motorsports training program in North America, the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Racing.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or an aspiring professional driver, no training program is complete without a stop at Bob Bondurant’s school.  An impressive facility and even more impressive instructors make this a “must stop” on your journey.

While there’s nothing like the sound of that Viper at full throttle I sure did like the feel of that Formula Mazda. Thanks to Mr. Bondurant for walking the track with me and spending the day sharing your incredible experiences.  PS- I promise I won’t share those tips and tricks – but I do promise to use them!

I’ve been watching him all day ... the kid has real talent.
— Bob Bondurant - Formula One World Champion & America’s Most Decorated Driver