My name is Spike Kohlbecker. I am 16 years old and I am following my dream. Since I was three years old I’ve been racing anything that has wheels (and a few things that don’t). My Dad used to draw a chalk track in our driveway and I would put on my red Superman cape and jump into my electric go-kart and do laps. Today I don’t wear a cape but I do race cars. Motorsports is a passion, a way of life for me – I love everything about it – the intensity, the competition, the problem-solving, the friendships, the memories. Here are a few things you should know about me:

My Education: Grade School at The College School, Webster Groves, MO; Middle School at Chaminade College Preparatory School, Creve Coeur, MO; and I am now a Sophomore at Kirkwood High School, Kirkwood, MO. I have a 3.0 GPA and my teachers can tell you about me and my work ethic. References available upon request. To keep in shape, I run Cross Country for my High School Team.

My Aspirations: Build upon my recent racing success in karts and cars (Formula Ford/F1600 in Canada and New Zealand) by constantly challenging myself on and off the track and learning racing styles and cultures in other countries perhaps in places like Brazil, England, New Zealand and Europe. Then I want to race in the Road to Indy series and shock everyone. For now, I’m spending my time getting better and learning all aspects of racing on and off the track. I know it takes skill, support and some luck to make it to the top of the racing ladder. I hope to make it to the very top in Indy Cars.

My Plan: Last Summer at age 15 I raced cars in Canada and select kart races across the US. This year I started off in New Zealand working in a race shop, supporting F5000 teams and racing a partial season in the NZ F1600 National Championship. In 2020 I hope to be joining a team and race in the Road to Indy Series. The first race in 2020 might be in St. Petersburg, FL. I have gone to that race many times and when I was nine years old I won the Sam Schmidt 5K charity run. I hope to win when I’m on the track again in a car. And of course, you will find me on kart tracks around the country – I really like that many of the famous drivers got their start in karts and continue to drive them, I will do the same.

“When a young person understands the winning principles of racing (Intelligence, Intensity, Perfection and Patience) they can become racing superstars. Not all young racers can put them all together in every corner and lap after lap – most can do them now and then. Every now and then there is a young person, Danica, Jamie McMurray, Lewis Hamilton, I could go on and on, that understand the winning principles required in each and every corner and on each and every lap … they become racing superstars! I have been watching Spike for three years, he is going to become the next superstar. He already has the winning principles in his driving portfolio. With the winning principles already established he just needs to adjust those principles to more powerful and faster race cars.”

Merle Bettenhausen
American Racing Legend and supporter of Luke “Spike” Kohlbecker


Spike Kohlbecker possesses all the traits of a successful racing driver…desire, ability, confidence and most importantly, he knows how to win races. We’ve been fortunate to have Spike representing Margay Racing, both on and off the track, for ten years and he has consistently been able to promote our product and articulate our message in a professional manner at all times. Spike knows how to exceed expectations and deliver results and we are proud to consider him a leader on our team. We’re confident that Spike has what it takes to make the climb up the racing ladder and we look forward to continuing our association with him for years to come.

Keith Freber
Margay Racing | Owner